8mm to Digital conversions


Film Digitization Service


Don’t let the memories fade away
The making  and viewing of hours of Home Made 8mm Movies was enjoyed by countless families, with the expert detail and carefully crafted shots, your families films deserve the high quality digital reproduction that  we provide. Our 8mm to Digital File Transfer Service is the solution to preserving  and enjoying your family’s precious memories for years to come.

8mm to MP4  or Super8 to MP4

We can transfer your 8mm or Super 8 films to digital MP4 files on a USB stick.

all inclusive price,  we lightly clean your film to remove and grime lint or dust, then scan frame by frame for the best quality.  And create individual files for each film on a USB stick

3” Roll (50 feet)   $25  additional 3” rolls $20ea

5”  Roll (200 feet)  $40.00 additional 5” rolls $35ea

7” Roll (400 feet)  $80.00ea

additional copies on seperate USB stick $10 each

On the west island drop your film off for processing at

Family.Estate film conversions
c/o Marine ste anne
46 rue Ste Anne 
Ste Anne de Bellevue H9X1L6

How long does it take?

The  actual scanning equipment runs about  100 feet per hour,  but your order should be processed in less than a week from the time we receive your film.

Can you scan damaged film?

Yes, because we are scanning frame by frame, we can attempt to recover usable frames from damaged reels. Heavily damaged reels may incur additional charges.

wheres the sound?

most but not all 8mm and super 8 films do not include a sound track, and we will not capture any sound, if your film has a sound track you can capture it seperate from this process and sync it to your digital media with freely available movie editing software.

will you edit my movie?

no, you will receive unedited MP4 files containing the reel contents, files can be easily edited in freely available movie editing software. If you require video editing we can provide a quote on individual jobs.

My USB stick has more files than reels?

if your reels have damaged film, bad splices, etc. A single reel may be split into several files to work around the damage, you can use movie editing software to easily combine the files.